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Orthopedic EMR

EMR Solution offers a wide-range of practice automation solutions for Orthopedic medical offices.

Orthopedic Electronic Medical Record Software

At EMR Solution we understand the complexity of the Orthopedic specialty, furthermore we understand the importance of having a specialty specific system that is built around the Orthopedic practice workflow. As a result, we have hand picked the best of the best when it comes to Orthopedic Specific Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software. Our award winning Electronic Medical Record solutions are designed to meet the needs of your Orthopedic specialty. The easy to use and affordable Orthopedic EMR has a powerful feature set which includes Orthopedic specific templates, ICD/CPT codes, patient education, and interfaces. You will also find customizable templates for examinations/re-examinations, follow up, and CT/MRI findings in your easy to use Orthopedic EMR software. For each patient you will have an in depth history of illnesses, complaints, review of systems, and physical examination at your fingertips with a tablet pc or PDA. All software incorporates an electronic superbill which has been customized specifically for the Orthopedic Practitioner. At EMR Solution we know that no two Orthopedic practices are the same, which is why we will work with you to customize your CCHIT certified software solution to your needs.

EMR Solution is the industry leader in customizable Orthopedic EMR software solutions. Best of all our service is at NO COST to you! We bring you affordable EMR solutions at less than 300$ a month for the solo practitioner. Fill out the form below so we can get you FREE market information on Software for the Orthopedic practitioner, You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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Why convert to Orthopedic specific EMR software?

» Increased productivity and reduced expenses
» Patient encounters are documented quickly and information flows more quickly to office personnel.
» See more patients without decreasing the amount of time you spend with each patient
» Eliminate transcription and chart-pulling expenses
» Improved E&M coding
» Documentation is consistent and legible
» Coding recommendations through E/M level coding assistance
» Improved, Streamlined communication within your practice
» Document each step of medical decision making within your practice
» Track communication activities between each person within your practice
» Alert people within your practice of urgent matters
» Document phone calls and route to appropriate staff person for follow up
» In box feature for each staff person - track

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Orthopedic Specific Features

» Orthopedic Specific Physical Examchiropractic emr
» Workers Compensation Reports
» Orthopedic Patient Education
» Outcome Assessments
» Return to Work Forms
» Spinal Exam Form
» X-Ray/Image Management
» Orthopedic Drug Formulary Database
» Workers Compensation Reports/Templates
» Post-Op/Pre-Op Templates
» Fracture Templates
» Knee Pain Visit Templates
» Ankle Pain Visit Templates
» Achilles Tendonitis Templates
» Heel Pain Templates
» Hip Pain Templates » Progress Charts
» Outcome Assessments
» Work Excuse Templates
» And Many Other Orthopedic Specific Features!

Orthopedic Specific EHR Solutions

Will the EHR software vendor create Orthopedic specific templates for your practice based on your current forms? How much will that cost you? Will they do them for you or does your practice have to create them? We represent affordable and award winning Electronic Health Record software companies that will create these templates for you, at no additional cost. We will make sure you select the best EHR solution that has all the Orthopedic specific images on which you can annotate and draw specific findings, etc.

We can identify the best Electronic Health Record system for your Orthopedic practice. In order to start recognizing the advantages of an EHR, begin your transition today. Call us to set up a demo today. Remember, our services are at NO COST to your practice.

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Last Updated: December 12, 2011

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